Annual Report

This year on 6th July the school completed 8 years of its inception. To mark the occasion the school organised a medical camp for both Primary and Pre Primary section under the guidance of Dr. Sameer and Gayatri Bodas. Students benefitted hugely from this camp.

The first event of the year was the International Yoga Day .The teachers along with the students performed various Aasanas in the school assembly. A message for healthy mind and body was passed on by our Principal.

Guru Pournima was celebrated to pay respects to the founder members, teachers of the school. Vyas Pujan was done by our Principal. The students shared their thoughts emphasising the importance of this day and felicitated all the teachers.

12th August was celebrated as National Library day to commemorate the birth centenary of the eminent librarian Shri. S.R Ranganathan. The school organised a pustak dindi where the books were placed in a palkhi and a small procession was carried out. This activity created a lot of enthusiasm among the students and helped to know more about books.

Come September and the school reverberated with the echo of Ganpati Bappa Morya. The students welcomed their beloved bappa. Every year the school organises an eco-friendly Ganesh idol making workshop for the students. A procession followed by the installation of the Ganesh Idol was done.

Every year national festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day were celebrated in the school. The celebration of these festivals help in promoting values of Universal Brotherhood , Tolerance and Patriotism.

Teachers day was celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Students put up different dramas for their teachers and also arranged games for the teachers.

On 14th September every year we celebrate the Hindi Diwas by holding various competitions like story telling , elocutions, poetry recitation . This helps to promote our National language.

The students every year pledge to protect their environment. To put this into action the students prepared rakhis with the help of their teachers and tied them to the trees.

Nagpanchami was celebrated to spread awareness about nature conservation among the students. A demo was conducted by friend’s of nature where they talked about the different types of snakes , how to identify the poisonous and non poisonous snakes and their importance to farmers.

We observed that some students face difficulties in understanding basic concepts in their academics. The school every year arranges a remedial batch so that no child is left behind in his/ her academic achievement. The students benefit a great deal from these one to one sessions.

In the month of February the school held a science exhibition in which the students prepared various charts, puzzles, working models on various topics on different subjects taught in the school . This exhibition promoted learning by doing as it not only clarified the concepts of the students but also developed their interest in different subjects.

Along with the students the school organises different activities and workshops for the teachers as well as the parents . These activities help promote team spirit and increases the bond among the teachers. We had quite a few programmes organised this year.

To name a few –

1. Our school Principal Dr. Aparna Morris conducted an induction workshop at the beginning for all the teachers. This workshop helped the teachers to know each other and in building team spirit.

2. Our school counsellor Mrs. Akarshitha Menon conducted a workshop for the teachers on building emotional quotients.

3. A mind mapping workshop by Dr. Gargi Mitra was conducted for the teachers. This workshop helped in enhancing the teaching techniques of the teachers.

4. A Study technique workshop for all the parents was conducted by the school, wherein the teachers explained the techniques of improving student’s handwriting, enhancing reading and speaking skills and also how to overcome the exam fear. The parents as well as students benefited hugely from this workshop.

5. The teachers attended a workshop on motor skill development of the students. This workshop helped in knowing the various methods of teaching.

The school conducts a kaleidoscope of curricular and co curricular activities aimed at promoting the over all well-being of the students and the staff

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