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Pre-Primary timetable

Jr.KG. _29th nov to 3rd dec Batch II        Jr.KG._29th nov to 3rd dec - Batch I          Nursery _29th November to 3rd December_batch 2            Nursery_29th November to 3rd December_batch 1         Sr.KG. _29th November - 3rd December Batch II          Sr.KG._29th...

Portion for Half – Yearly exam

Std 1 to Std 9 - Half yearly portion for all the subjects Std 1 portion Std 2 portion Std-3 Portion Std 4 portion Std 5 portion Std 6 portion Std-7 portion Std 8 portion Std 9 Half Yearly Portion

Half Yearly Timetable

Half- Yearly exam Time - table for Std 1 to Std 9 online Half Yearly Exam_Std 1 to 3 Half yearly Exam_Std 4 and 5 Half yearly Exam_Std 6 & 7 Half Yearly Exam Std 8 & 9 Please follow the instructions written carefully. 

Portion for Pre-Mid exam

Portion for the Pre- Mid examination from Std 1 to Std 9 Portion_std 1_Pre-mid Portion_std 2_Pre-Mid Portion_std 3_Pre mid Portion_std 4 _Pre-Mid Portion_std 5_Pre-mid Portion_Std 6-Pre-Mid Portion_std 7_-Pre-mid- Portion_std 8_Pre-Mid Portion_Std...

Pre-Mid exam timetable

Pre-Mid exam timetable for Std 1 to 9 online Pre-Mid Exam_Std 1 to 7 Online Pre Mid Exam _Std 8 and 9 Kindly follow all the instructions carefully  

Time-table & Portion for Class test 1

TIME-TABLE for online Class test-1 for the academic year 2021-22 (Std 2 - 9) Class test 1 Time table PORTION  Std 1 Assessment Portion Std 2 Std 3 Std 4 Std 5 Std 6 Std 7 Std 8 Std 9 *Note- Std 1 will be having an assessment test instead of Class test. Hardcopy of the...

Std 1-5 Syllabus 2021-22

Std 1 - 5 Syllabus for the academic year 2021-22 Std 1 Syllabus Std 2 Syllabus Std 3 Syllabus Std 4 Syllabus Std 5 Syllabus

Syllabus for the month of April 2021-22

Dear parents, Kindly find attached the syllabus copies of std 1 - 9 for the month of April. Std 1 April Syllabus Std 2 April Syllabus Std 3 April Syllabus Std 4 April Syllabus Std 5 April Syllabus Std 6 April Syllabus Std 7 April Syllabus Std 8 April Syllabus Std 9...

Std 1-9 Book list for 2021-2022

Dear parents, Kindly find attached the book list of Std 1 to 9 for the academic year 2021-2022 Book list - 21-22- Std 1-9  

Portion for Annual Exam for Std 1 to Std 8

Dear parents, Kindly find attached the Annual Exam portion std 1_Annual Exam Portion Std 2_Annual Exam portion Std 3 _Annual Exam Portion Std 4 _Annual Exam Portion Std 5_Annual Exam Portion Std 6_ANNUAL PORTION Std 7_annual Exam Portion Std 8_ Annual Exam...

POST- MID time table and portion

Dear parents , Kindly find atached the Post-mid time table and portion of std 1 to 8 Post-Mid timetable Std 1 Portion Std 2 Portion Std 3 Portion Std 4 Portion Std 5 Portion Std 6 Portion Std 7 Portion Std 8 Portion  

Class test 2 time table

Dear parents, Kindly find the class test 2 timetable in the following attachment Timetable for class test 2

Class test 2 portion

Dear parents, Kindly find the portion of class test 2 Std 1 Class test II Portion Std 2 Class test II portion Std 3 Class test II Portion Std 4 Class test II Portion Std 5 Class test II Portion Std 6 Class test II Portion Std 7 Class test II Portion Std 8 Class test...

Half- Yearly time-table 2020-21

Dear parents, Please find attachment of the half- yearly time table for the year 20202-21 Online Half yearly timetable-converted

Portion for Half- Yearly Std 1- 8

Dear parents, Please find attachments of the pdf links of the Half- Yearly portion Std - 1Half yearly portion Std 2 Half yearly portion Std 3- Half Yearly portion Std 4- Half Yearly Portion Std 5 - Half Yearly portion Std 6 - Half Yearly portion Std 8 - Half Yearly...

Pre- Mid portion 20-21

Pre-Mid Portion - Std 1 Pre-Mid Portion - Std 2 Portion Pre-Mid - Std 3 Portion-Pre-Mid-Std-4 Pre-Mid Portion - Std 5 Portion Pre-Mid - Std 6 Portion Pre-mid - std 7 Portion Pre-Mid - std 8 (1)

Syllabus for the academic year 20-21(Std 1 to Std 8)

Compiled std 1 Syllabus 20-21 Compiled std 2 Syllabus 20-21 Compiled std 3 Syllabus 20-21 Compiled Std 4 syllabus 20-21 Compiled std 5 Syllabus 20-21.docx Compiled std 6 Syllabus 20-21.docx Compiled std 7 Syllabus 20-21 Compiled std 8 Syllabus 20-21

Independence Day 2020

Independence Day 2020 Flag hoisting was done maintaining social distancing.

New time table Std 6-8

Dear parents kindly click on the link below to view the new class time table of Std 6-8. This time table will be followed from Tuesday 4/8/2020. Changed time-table Std 6 - 8

New time table Std 1-5

Dear parents kindly click on the link below to view the new class time table of Std 1-5. This time table will be followed from Tuesday 4/8/2020. Changed-time-table-Std-1-5

Std 1 – 8 Pdf links of textbooks

Dear parents kindly find an attachment of the Pdf links of the textbooks to be downloaded for the academic year 2020-21. Book list link (1)  

Online books for Nursery

Alphabets & Activity Book 2020   Number & Line Activity Book 2020   Nursery Rhymes Book

Notice regarding Medical Checkup at Jehangir Hospital

On account of school’s foundation day on 6th July , the school in collaboration with Jehangir Hospital’s sister concern institute - HCJMRI has planned for a free medical checkup in their Wellness centre for std 5, 6 and 7. The following things will be checked 1.Bone...

Time table for class test 1

CLASS TEST TIME TABLE FOR STD 1 TO 4 DAY DATE SUBJECT Monday 8/7/19 English Tuesday 9/7/19 Science Wednesday 10/7/19 Maths Thursday 11/7/19 Hindi Monday 15/7/19 Computer Tuesday 16/7/9 Social Studies (std3 & 4) Wednesday 17/7/19 Marathi   CLASS TEST TIME...

Olympiad exam notice

Students interested in appearing for the Olympiad exams should give their names to the respective class teacher on or before Wednesday, 10th July 2019. The details of the exams are as follows: General Knowledge Olympiad-26th September 2019. International English...

Class Wise Pre-Primary Syllabus

Syllabus for the academic year 2019-20 ( Pre-Primary section)   Nursery Syllabus 19-20 Jr.K.G. Syllabus 19-20Sr. Kg Syllabus 2019- 20

First Orientation Meeting

The first orientation for the parents of Pre-Primary will be held on Wednesday 26th June 2019 as per the following. schedule. Venue: Late V.D. Vaidya School Hall- 2 floor Nursery -  8.30 am to 9.30am Jr. K.G.  -  9.40 am to 10.40 am Sr. K.G - 10.50 am to 11.50 Only...

Changed time-table

The following class time tables have been changed. III Tikona , IV Ajinkyatara, VI Vijaydurg, VI Vallabhgad, VII Devgiri & VII Torna. Kindly find an attachment of the new time tables in the link sent below changed timetable  

Admission Open